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iTunes unbundled the CD. Now you can do the same with your music, art, videos, etc. Harness the power and profit from thousands of small transactions.

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Non Profits

Smaller, monthly donations appeal more towards millennials. It gives everyone a chance to give something, while providing you with a steady cash flow.

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Publishers of all kids have been at war with ad blockers. Many have turned to a prepay or subscription model, but why not only charge people for what they use?

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Easy Site Integration


Create a purchase opportunity anywhere on your site with the Scratch WordPress plugin.

  • Easily add purchase, download or donation buttons to your page
  • Create a simple in-page checkout or a separate landing page
  • Give visitors a great experience!

Store and Sell Your Premium Content

With the ScratchCDN (Content Distribution Network), creators and publishers can store and sell nearly any type of content – from a music or video file to a PDF, image or eBook file.

The ScratchCDN keeps content safe and secure behind a paywall – available on-demand following a purchase, newsletter sign-up or contact form entry – whatever your call to action may be. Learn more about the ScratchCDN and ways to leverage it for your business or nonprofit.