Common Questions Answered


Is Scratch for Me?

Do you have repeat customers? Is your average ticket less than $10? Then yes, Scratch can save you money.

What is a Micropayment

Micro can mean a lot of things, but in Scratch terms, it means $5 or less.

Does Scratch support recurring payments or subscriptioins?

Yes! Scratch has many models including subscriptions and recurring charges.

How do I get paid with Scratch?

Most merchants receive a monthly dispersement based on volume. We're happy to work with you.

How do my customers use Scratch?

Your customers simply create a Scratch account (which can be done all from within your site) to begin making purchases. Scratch can be used online, on a mobile device or it can be integrated with your business through an API or WordPress plugin.


I paid, how do I receive my purchase?

When you checkout, the download should start automatically. Log into your Scratch account to view the download link again.

Is Scratch secure?

Scratch is super secure! We use industry standard encryption and best practices.

I have a question about a purchase. Who do I contact?

Log into your Scratch account to see recent transactions and contact support.

How do I request a refund for an item purchased with Scratch?

You can request a refund on any transaction from within your Scratch account.

Easy Site Integration


Create a purchase opportunity anywhere on your site with the Scratch WordPress plugin.

  • Easily add purchase, download or donation buttons to your page
  • Create a simple in-page checkout or a separate landing page
  • Give visitors a great experience!
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